Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung Confirmed for Webtoon-Based Drama Convenience Store Morning Star

It’s just a couple of months since his last TV series ended but I’m pretty sure fans are already wondering what’s next for their hunky oppaJi Chang Wook. Well, I bring thee good news! After weeks of speculations, we already have a confirmation that the actor will be headlining Convenience Morning Star with Kim Yoo Jung

It follows the story of a handsome convenience store owner whose life takes an interesting turn after a mischievous young woman works for him as a part-timer. It doesn’t sound anything out of the ordinary but the webtoon it is based on is quite popular which makes me think the story has much to offer. 
It’s Ji Chang Wook so of course I’m down to watching this drama even before I heard who he’ll be working with but now that I know it’s Kim Yoo Jung, I’ve gotten more curious. I’m anticipating a lot of people will be raising their eyebrows since the stars have quite a huge age gap (12 years!) but hey, isn’t that the norm in showbiz nowadays? I’m really looking forward to seeing Kim Yoo Jung because the last time I’ve watched her was ages ago when she used to play younger versions of female leads. Gah, am I really that old?  Kim Yoo Jung is certainly one of the former child actresses that have successfully transitioned into a leading lady in the last couple of years but I haven’t had the chance to see those so this will be a first for me. 
As if the leads aren’t reason enough, director Lee Myung Woo is causing a stir too. Many are awaiting for his return after the success of the his last miniseries Fiery Priest. This definitely looks like a promising show!
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