Jackie Chan and Yang Yang Show How Close They Are During the Presscon for Their Movie Vanguard

What are the chances of seeing two of your favorite actors acting all cute together? In fact, even seeing them in one project is asking for too much yet my childhood fave Jackie Chan and my latest crush Yang Yang are set to appear in the movie Vanguard 急先锋 which is among the high-profile movies coming out for Lunar New Year 2020. 

In a recent presscon, the pair adorably caught attention when they tried to sneak in some bites of the cake that was right in front of them all while listening to the host attentively. It looks like the cast just couldn’t resist their sweet tooth which made way for the most candid moments. 
Jackie and Yang Yang exchanging looks as if to say that the cake tastes pretty good. 
With Lunar New Year fast approaching, promotions are in high gear for all the movies looking to compete at the box office and I have to say, moments like these simply add to the fun. 
Widely-known for doing his own stunts, action legend Jackie Chan grew fond of Yang Yang when they were filming for the movie. Jackie Chan shared that Yang Yang who refers to him as dage 大哥 (big brother) would insist on doing his own stunts at times despite having stuntmen on set. Even though the moves were difficult, he would try several times to get the stunt right. It impressed Jackie Chan who believes that trying once is already something but trying a stunt repeatedly can be very hard. Because of that, he thought to himself that Yang Yang is really quite good. After showering the younger actor with praises, Jackie joked, ‘Let me praise you now, don’t get cocky.’
Awww, I can’t wait to see the movie. 
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