Is Well Intended Love 2’s Plot Twist a Do Over of its First Season?

Fresh out of the oven today is the much awaited teaser for the sequel of popular rom-com series Well Intended Love 奈何BOSS要娶我. And I have to say, it’s a confusing one. The good news is that the familiar faces of Xu Kaicheng and series wife Wang Shuang are back to reprise their original roles as husband and wife / boss man slash actress tandem. They are joined by Ian Yi Po-ChenLiu Jiaxi, Huang Qianshuo, Li Qingtian, He Qianying and Ding Ning.

The tricky part is trying to wrap your head around what’s happening in the teaser. I mean, because it’s a sequel we all kinda expected it to pick up from where the first installment left off. But now it’s looking like they’re pressing restart to the relationship and beginning again? The pair are supposed to be married but in the trailer, Xia Lin (Wang Shuang) doesn’t even know who Ling Yizhou (Xu Kaicheng) is? She approaches him because he looks familiar and a photograph of the actress meeting the hotshot CEO outside the men’s toilet becomes a trending topic. Appearing together to clear things up, Xia Lin is shocked when Ling Yizhou announces that they’re engaged. 
Maybe the story goes back and forth with flashbacks? I dunno. Some netizens are even speculating that one of them loses their memory hence the restart? Heh. I guess we’ll really just have to hold on to our curiosity.
Anyway, the drama also put out fresh new posters so here’s a peek at the cast of Well Intended Love 2
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