Fan Bingbing’s Outfit Fails to Impress Though a New Project May Be in the Works

fan bingbing fashion
Fan Bingbing’s latest public appearance seems like an utter fashion fail. While the actress is looking beautiful as ever, her wardrobe isn’t so appealing with many of her fans thinking that it’s a big no-no. Looking at the pink feathers lining her green colored cape, I have to agree. Seriously, what was she thinking? 

Nonetheless, it seems like the new year is still promising for Fan BingbingAfter more than a year of absence because of the tax evasion case she faced last 2018 that saw her projects postponed indefinitely and relegated her from sought after A-list to making public appearances here and there, it seems like the actress is finally getting a new project in China!
fan bingbing fashion pink cape
On January 3, Fan Bingbing and director Li Yu were seen interacting with each other as they attended a food and wine event for iFeng. Having worked previously in the movies Buddha Mountain, Double Xposure and Ever Since We Love, many fans were asking (or more like urging) them to work together again. 
chinese director li yu
What fueled the speculations is the comment left by Li Yu herself! A netizen said: ‘Yu Jie is so beautiful! How can we trick you and Bingbing into creating another masterpiece?’ to which the director replied, ‘no need to resort to trickery, it’s in progress!’
To say that I’m excited is an understatement! Come on, I know she made a huge mistake, but there’s no denying that she’s a good actress. It’s also a great idea that her comeback project would be with someone she’s familiar with. I’m pretty sure the fans would be excited to watch a reunion between the actress and the director. And there’s also the upcoming spy film 355 with an all-star Hollywood cast. 
fan bingbing fashion


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