Ethan Ruan and Lareina Song Media Sightings Rekindle Dating Rumours That Were Quickly Shot Down

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Talks of a romance between Cupid’s Kitchen stars Ethan Ruan and Lareina Song have once again been resurrected due to recent sightings of the two. According to the media, Lareina had gone home for the day when Ethan and a friend appeared around the actress’ residence. When night had fallen, the actor then reappeared wearing a different outfit and drove off in her car. He was later seen driving back to the area. 

The two were caught in dating rumors before after being sighted having dinner together with friends while shooting their drama Cupid’s Kitchen last year. If y’all remember, Ethan was seen carrying a dog which discerning Netizens were able to quickly identify as Lareina’s based on the pictures she shared on her social media. While I’d really just chalk it up to colleagues grabbing dinner together after a hard day’s work, I guess other people think differently.
The actor was previously in a long term relationship with Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu. When the couple later called it quits after eight years, many fans were shocked especially when rumours of Ethan cheating on Tiffany surfaced. That clearly didn’t endear the actor to the fans. 
Netizens naturally had a lot of things to say about this latest “romance” as it’s obvious that people were pretty uncomfortable with the marked age gap of sixteen years between Ethan who’s in his late thirties and Lareina who is 21. “It’s like dating your uncle” says some Netizens. The actress’s side has been quick to deny the speculation, saying that it was a gathering of friends attended by quite a few people. Lareina’s manager also posted on social media saying that it was a “friend’s gathering”, and that “next time be sure to take a photo of me too” thus effectively denying the relationship. As of press date, there has been no response coming from the actor’s side.
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