Crash Landing on You Star Son Ye-jin Back to Work Following Her Hospital Visit

son ye jin crash landing on you
As an avid visitor of K-dramaland, I’ve heard of how hectic the live-shoot system can be for actors to film a series while it is being aired. Their hours can go looooong with minimal resting time thus making the celebs a bit overworked. Recent reports that Son Ye-jin was rushed to the emergency room caused her fans to worry.

son ye jin crash landing on you
The actress is currently starring in Crash Landing on You opposite Hyun Bin which became an instant success not only locally but also overseas with its zany romance about an heiress and a North Korean soldier. It looks like the drama filming may have been the reason why Son Ye-jin has been feeling fatigued. 

While fans were fretting about her condition, her agency released a statement that Son Ye-jin’s health problem is not serious. The actress merely took advantage of the lunar holiday to have herself checked out. She came back to set later on to continue filming. Wow, what a professional! While it is commendable, I’m sure we all wish good health for our idols and that they don’t push themselves too much. 

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