Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Sung Woong Give Off Spine-Chilling Vibes in Rugal Posters

You may think that you’ve already seen his fierce side as the star lawyer in Justice but Choi Jin Hyuk surprises his fans with a darker and bolder side of him in his new crime-thriller Rugal.

His deadly glare paired with the gun and a black mask completes the look of his character, an ex-police officer who lost his wife, child, and even his eyes after going against a crime organization led by Park Sung Woong. Waking up in a hospital, he learns that on top of his suffering, he’s also accused of being a murderer! He is then approached by a special organization called Rugal. 
Now that he has nothing else to lose and everything to gain, there’s no stopping the ex-cop in going down a murderous path to exact his revenge.
Of course, Park Sung Woong will not be backing down as he stands menacingly tall while being surrounded with what I assume are his followers. It actually makes me think of his previous role as the devil in When the Devil Calls Your Name
It’s not everyday that I’m affected by posters, in fact, I often find the artworks lacking but with this, I truly applaud the creative team. The sleek visuals have kicked the excitement up a notch. I hope it’s as action-packed as I imagine.
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