Barbie Hsu, Dee Hsu and Christine Fan Receive Backlash on Stance Over Taiwan’s Ban on Mask Exports

With the coronavirus casting such an ominous pall to the lunar new year’s festivities, many celebrities are helping out in what little way they can to support those affected and donating significant amounts to help purchase medical supplies and much needed medicine. However, a recent decision by Taiwan’s Premier Su Tseng-chang to implement a 1 month ban on the export of medical-grade face masks has sparked heated debate.

With the ban in place, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu has opted to make donations through other means. In a recent post on social media, Barbie’s husband praised his wife for donating 10,000 face masks to affected areas in Wuhan which she sourced in Japan. Alas, the actress received some flak from those who support the ban and its intention to guarantee adequate domestic supply in Taiwan, advocating the idea that it is important to save yourself before saving others. 
Barbie’s sister, TV presenter Dee Hsu had her back, reposting Wang Xiaofei’s (Barbie’s husband) original post on her social media which she captioned – “We are all human beings, and we all live on this earth. Not helping our fellow man is not the behavior of human beings! Without love, the earth could only get worse! Hate, is more terrible than the virus!” Barbie herself also responded to the critics, saying that helping “is the right attitude that everyone must have:  take care of people when they are suffering. When people are in distress, everyone should let go of their hatred and help each other instead of fighting! She also emphasized firmly that “I want my children to foster the humanitarian spirit, and I don’t want them to grow up and become jerks who don’t care for anyone but themselves.” 
Meanwhile, fellow Taiwanese and singer Christine Fan had some very strong words to say. Using her private Facebook account, the singer called out the Taiwanese premier with a few choice swear words, likening him to a “dog” and calling the halt on mask exports “distasteful and an act of hooliganism.” She received much backlash after her comments were made public. 
She has since apologised for her emotional outburst on Facebook, saying that she had no intention of causing a public furor with what she said. “I acknowledge my mistakes and wish to apologise. I’m sorry for letting everyone worry and for causing trouble” writes the singer.
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