Astringent Girl Reboot Adds to Growing List of Female Centric Dramas

The 2003 drama Pink Ladies 粉红女郎 is getting itself a brand new revamp in the form of Astringent Girl, the original title of author Zhu Deyong’s novel from which Pink Ladies was adapted from. I know I’ve said this many times for other shows of the same genre, but my goodness this really trumps all the other dramas in how it gives off Sex and the City vibes. Come on, the ladies of Astringent Girl – Yin Tao, Song Yi, Angel Zhao Jinmai, Nita Xia Ruoyan and Hu Lianxin nabbed themselves a few pages spread in Harper’s Bazaar as their official photos for the dram! How extra is that eh, and it definitely screams FASHION! 

Astringent Girl 涩女郎

It is a story of self discovery for each of the five urban women starring in the series. Despite their distinctively different personalities and life experiences, these women all living under the same roof have each other’s back when facing every challenge life throws at them.
Meanwhile, if you’re not digging the damsel in distress roles that are currently populating the drama sphere and prefer the “independent women out to make the world their oyster” type of shows, you might want to add these dramas to your must watch list once they hit the air. You can even binge watch these together with your gal pals for ladies night. It’d go marvelously well with some vino and some gab.

Twenty Not Confused 二十不惑

Four twenty-something friends jump headfirst into adult life and discover for themselves just what adulting means after graduation. The girls find themselves facing various issues from trying to figure out the best career path to finding romance. Twenty Not Confused stars Guan Xiaotong, Li Gengxi, Bu Guanjin and Dong Siyi.

Nothing But Thirty 30而已

Turning the big 3-0 can be daunting for many, but not so for the these three ladies as they take the metaphorical bull by the horns to face the multiple challenges and break stereotypes faced by modern women at the cusp of entering their 30s. The drama stars Maggie Jiang ShuyingTong Yao and Mao Xiaotong.

Love By Yourself 他其实没有那么爱你

Starring Victoria Song, Celina Jade, Zhang Jianing and Li Chun, follow along as these four friends battle through life’s ups and downs, trying to find happiness and love with the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai as their stunning backdrop.
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