Arthur Chen and His Older Brother Are Looking Handsome in Paris

chen feiyu older brother
Arthur Chen Feiyu is in the city of love for Paris Fashion Week and recently dropped a photo of himself attending the Dior Winter 2019-2020 men’s show. While the handsome young actor is certainly attention grabbing, another photo taken earlier drew attention because he wasn’t alone. 

chen feiyu paris fashion week
If you are wondering who his companion was while strolling around the lovely city, well, it’s actually his older brother, Chen Yu’ang, whom we don’t often see as he never went into showbiz yet is very much part of the celebrity family. Netizens can’t help but gush over how both men have grown up to be so appealing and appear to resemble each other now. In the past, Chen Yu’ang has said that looked like their father, director Chen Kaige, while Chen Feiyu resembles their mom, the beautiful Chen Hong.
chen feiyu paris
I’ve seen Arthur Chen before and had an instant crush on him. I always thought he shared similar visuals with Kris WuHmm, with both siblings having killer looks, I wonder if the older brother would consider entering showbiz. 
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