Eleanor Lee and Chen Xingxu Headline Another Movie Remake of A Chinese Ghost Story

The Enchanting Phantom Tencent movie
Growing up, you’ve probably heard of the tale of Nie Xiaoqian, the beautiful female ghost from Pu Songling’s Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. In fact, chances are high that you’ve seen one, two or more of its numerous film and TV adaptations. Among them, the 1987 movie A Chinese Ghost Story starring the late Leslie Cheung and the ageless Joey Wong is an uncontested classic that is now getting a remake. 

Eleanor Lee and Chen Xingxu star in a web movie adaptation entitled The Enchanting Phantom 倩女幽魂人间情 that will air exclusively on Tencent.  
The Enchanting Phantom Tencent remake a chinese ghost story
Eleanor Lee and Chen Xingxu at the boot ceremony
The 1987 version follows the story of a debt collector who, after running out of money, seeks refuge in a temple. There, he meets a beautiful woman and falls in love with her only to find out the next morning that she is a ghost. Despite that, his feelings for her grow and a quest to free her from her servitude to a demoness ensues. 
Eleanor Lee A Chinese ghost story
I get why the story is a hit, the plot is a timeless romance between a man and a supernatural being which most people find so fascinating. I find the casting of Eleanor Lee perfect because at 20 years old, she fits the bill of the ghost who dies at a young age. Plus, you can argue all you want but the actress does have an elegant face, although admittedly, I haven’t seen her dramas. 
Chen Xingxu Chinese ghost story
The Enchanting Phantom A Chinese ghost story
Her co-star Chen Xingxu, on the other hand, has nothing else to prove to me because I was impressed on his performance in Goodbye My Princess. All that’s left now would be to see the pair in action. 
With the reputation of A Chinese Ghost Story, this remake surely has a tough act to follow. Hong Kong veteran actors Yuen Wah and Norman Chu take on familiar characters as the demon hunter and the demon(ess)? 
The Enchanting Phantom A Chinese ghost story
The Enchanting Phantom A Chinese ghost story
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