Zhu Dan Makes Another Hosting Mistake and Calls Chen Linong by the Wrong Surname

After the mishaps that took place during the Cosmo Glam Night last December 3, you would have thought that veteran host Zhu Dan would have learned her lesson. 

But during an event last December 10, Zhu Dan made another error! As she was cuing former Nine Percent member, Chen Linong, she accidentally said Zhao Linong. Zhu Dan didn’t seem to notice her mistake although it can be heard that the audience reacted. The young actor-singer can be seen laughing but did not bother correcting the host and instead, proceeded to answer her question. 
Whoa, honestly, the first instance that she made an error was already unacceptable for a professional host, even Zhu Dan admitted that herself, but to repeat the same thing again just a few days apart is really something, no wonder she’s getting criticized. I think it’s safe to assume that she probably realized her mistake only after seeing what the netizens were saying online and like the first time, she owned up to it. She apologized to Chen Linong and thanked him for his consideration on stage. To which the latter replied “No worries zhu dan jie, I am a newcomer, will keep working hard, you’ve worked hard.” 
I guess we can pile it up the Zhu Dan’s compilation of “things to avoid when you are a host.”
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