Zhang Ruoyun Says His Biggest Reward This 2019 Is Tang Yixin

It’s the time of the year again to reflect and be thankful for everything that we have gained this 2019 and the very appealing actor, Zhang Ruoyun, shared his biggest reward of the year.

He’s definitely been busy with two of his shows premiering this year AND both being widely received by the public. His Awakening of Insects, the sequel to the 2016 spy drama Sparrow, has ended while his soon-to-end Joy of Life has garnered much praise. 
But! despite the successes of his two shows, when Zhang Ruoyun was asked, he did not think to mention either one because for the actor, his biggest reward was given to him on June 27 under the warm and sunny weather of Ireland in the luxurious Adare Manor. It was after his long-time girlfriend, Tina Tang Yixin, exchanged “I Do’s” with him while surrounded by their family and closest friends. Naturally, he also said that the happiest thing for him this year was getting married. Aww. I admire them for being able to keep their relationship strong amidst being celebrities because we all know how tough that can be, right?
With all the recent news of divorce and break-ups, I’m really glad to be writing things like this. There’s no doubt that his answer was a beautiful one. I hope the new year brings them more happiness and success. 


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