Yang Shuo Responds to Criticisms About His Parenting Style in the New Season of Where Are We Going, Dad?

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After being postponed due to restrictions from the Chinese government to ‘control the participation of celebrity children in variety shows,” the anticipated sixth season of Where Are We Going, Dad? 爸爸去哪儿第六季 is finally out! Repackaged under a new title, Let’s Go 一起出发吧 has been released outside of China. 
While it’s quite normal for viewers to fawn over the endearing relationships between the dads and their kids, one such exception is actor Yang Shuo who joins the show with his son and daughter. Yang Shuo has seen a wave of backlash due to what netizens are calling a dictatorial style of parenting towards his son. Yang Shuo recently responded to his bashers as they were not only flooding his social media account on Weibo but also his wife Wang Liwen’s, which prompted him to leave a comment to urge them to stop bothering her. 

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In the post, he thanked everyone for offering their constructive criticisms on his parenting style and that he will accept it with an open mind. However, he requested that they comment directly on his Weibo page instead, further explaining that through these years, his wife has worked hard to take care of their family and that it would be better not to bombard her with such comments. Yang Shuo goes on to apologize to his wife, their kids, and their parents, joking in the end that the washboard is coming through the mail, his wife can help his son decide how long to make him (Yang Shuo) kneel as punishment. 
Although Let’s Go is not being aired in China, clips from the show surfaced onlineWhile chiding his son Yang Yuchen for being slow because everyone was waiting for them, Yang Shuo can be heard raising his voice and barking orders like, “faster,” “fix your clothes, “walk properly.” At one point, Yang Shuo wasn’t satisfied with his son’s walking so he asked him to run back up an uphill pavement then walk down again with the proper posture. However, as much as Yang Shuo is a strict dad, Let’s Go also shows his caring side as he gently guided his son up the stairs. 
Nonetheless, his actions have rubbed many the wrong way with netizens expressing concern towards Yang Shuo’s son and saying that Yuchen will develop anxiety due to Yang Shuo’s verbal abuse. 
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