Xu Kai is Half Human Half Demon in Xianxia Drama Dance of the Sky Empire

xu kai Dance of the Sky Empire
Arsenal Military Academy’s Qu Manting may finally have a way to remedy her one sided love with Gu Yanzhen since AMA alumni Xu Kai and Wu Jiayi are once again working together in their newest xianxia collab for Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞Set during the Tang dynasty period when humans and demons still coexisted together, half human and half demon Li Xuan is faced with a difficult choice of having to take sides – human or demon – after accidentally unleashing Shi Xingyu, the king of all demons into the world. 

wu jiayi Dance of the Sky Empire
hani kezi Dance of the Sky Empire
Actor Xu Kai plays Li Xuan who stands in the centre of all this furor. To further complicate things, Li Xuan also becomes entangled in a love triangle with Wu Jiayi’s character Su You Lian and Long Wei Er played by the super pretty C-ent newbie Hani Kezi who had viewers sitting up and taking notice when she performed a dance inspired by her Xinjiang heritage in the show The Chinese Youth.
Dance of the Sky Empire
The visuals of Moyun Academy’s newest class of disciples kinda reminded me of Once Upon A Time in Lingjian Mountain from its colouring to the setting, not to mention Xu Kai who was also the star of Lingjian Mountain. Its stars are looking quite studious in the classroom. Also in the cast are Zhou JunchaoLi Junchen and Yu Xintong.
Dance of the Sky Empire xianxia
Dance of the Sky Empire xianxia
Dance of the Sky Empire xianxia
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