Wong Cho Lam and Li Yanan Are Still Glowing With Marriage Bliss In New Photos

wang cholam
Photo shoots in Chinese entertainment just never fail to please us. There is one particular photo shoot that always brings happiness to my eyes and that is when they feature happy married couples. Wong Cho Lam (Keep Running) and his wife, actress and TV host Li Yanan have been dating since 2010 and got married in 2015 but still show how perfect they are for each other. 

wang cholam wife leanne li yanan
The photo shoot had three themes and settings with the ones above showing the beautiful couple relaxed with drinks on the side.
wang cholam partner
Out of all the three themes, this lovely green concept struck me the most because both of them just looked fresh and bright in green! The background was simpler too, thus focusing on their faces and stylish outfits. 
wang cholam married leanne li yanan
Overall, I just loved everything about this! The backgrounds, outfits, and poses were conceptualized well. What I actually loved the most was how the great height difference of Li Yanan and Wong Cho Lam was used as an advantage in this photo shoot. All poses turned out to be perfect and I am definitely looking forward to their next photo shoots. Hopefully we can get one soon with their almost one-year-old daughter next time!
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