Twelve Legends Starring Guli Nazha and Jasper Liu Introduces the Cast in Republican Garb

twelve legends republican fantasy
There are many reasons to be excited for Twelve Legends 十二谭 since it not only comes from author Ni Luo who wrote Monster Killer but it is also produced by Tangren Media which was the company behind the Monster Killer franchise starring Elvis HanWell, if you’re one of those eager beavers waiting for updates about the show, then I guess you can thank your lucky stars because the drama has dropped its first posters.

twelve legends republican fantasy Guli Nazha
I may not be her biggest fan but no one can deny Guli Nazha‘s exotic charms and while I imagined her in the Republican Era outfit as soon as I heard about this new project, it does not come close to the actual result! Dang, the girl’s wishful look only made the dark, mysterious, Victorian-styled backdrop more riveting. 
twelve legends republican fantasy Jasper Liu
And of course, my personal favorite Jasper Liu is looking goooood. I don’t know if it’s just me but his intense gaze is giving off a majestic air and I dig it. With a romance between two mythical beings and twelve demons joining the fray, this is the kind of theme that seems perfect for fantasy buffs. 
twelve legends republican fantasy
Dressed in distinct styles, the main cast includes Jason Koo Jiacheng, Liu Chang, Zhou Junwei and Chen Yusi though the show has an ensemble cast that also includes Zhang Leyun, Ding Qiao, Zhang Lei, An Hu, Jing Ruyang, Liu Yuhan, Liu Yu and Xiao Hu. Making their special appearances are Ancy Deng, Chen Zheyuan, Bian Cheng and Miles Wei Zheming who will be featured in certain episodes. 
twelve legends republican fantasy Jason Koo
twelve legends republican fantasy Liu Chang
twelve legends republican fantasy Zhou Junwei
twelve legends republican fantasy Chen Yusi
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