Teens Impersonating Jackson Yee Cheat Elementary Students Out of Their Money

jackson yee
Oh boy, it’s really astounding how fraudsters and scammers are now getting quite creative to fleece unknowing fans out of hundreds (or thousands in this case) of their hard earned money. Posing as celebrities and then reaching out to fans asking to be sent money in one way or another (donations, investments, help) through various online messaging platforms is fast becoming an issue that needs to be taken seriously. If adults can be fooled out of their cash, what more with innocent youngsters right? 

One such case involves four people impersonating TFBoys’ Jackson Yee. The unfortunate victims in this case? Two elementary school students who were scammed right out of 80,000 RMB. Oh boy, the poor kids.
According to reports, the scammers created a fake account using Jackson Yee’s name on the social networking site QQ and set up a “Give 100 and Get Back 300” scheme. One of the students apparently used his dad’s mobile phone to log onto his QQ account and saw the campaign to give back to fans by providing cash back. The student joined the QQ group and followed the instructions from a user impersonating Jackson Yee to transfer money. A few days later, his dad found out that his account was missing an X amount of money so he reported the case to the police. According to the police investigation, the fake account was registered to four teens and they’ve somehow managed to dupe susceptible fans and publish fake news on the account since the end of 2018. The fraudsters have now been sentenced to three years behind bars and fined for their duplicity!
Best to exercise caution these days guys. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. The sad fact of the matter is, there’s no shortage of duplicitous people like this out there who’re ready and willing to make a fool out of you.
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