Huang Zitao Drops a Nostalgic Single, Fans Cheer at Show of Support from Kris Wu and Luhan

the best of us
Christmas might be over but we have another present to unwrap. Today, Huang Zitao drops his new single The Best of Us which is very special not only to the singer-actor but also to his fans who were there since the beginning of his career. What made the occasion even more special is that Kris Wu and Luhan showed their support by helping to promote the single on their social media accounts. All three were former members of the Korean boyband EXO

To some, it may be confusing but to avid fans of EXO, it was timely. You see, today marks the 8th year since Tao, Luhan, and two other Korean members, Chen and Xiumin, were first introduced as part of the then 12-member group. Kris was also a member but was not introduced until February of 2012. 
huang zitao drops single
In his post, Tao explained that ‘The Best of Us’ is his own story and his message for his fans. The song is about the most memorable moments he shared with his best friends *uwu* from the beginning when it all started up until now as well as things he wanted to say. He spent half a year looking back at their memories and wrote for half a year before turning his writing into lyrics, arranging the music and adding the melody. He said that making the song took him a very long time, he hopes that his fans will like it and hopes that more people can hear his music. 
the best of us
the best of us
Kris and Luhan both shared Tao’s post on Weibo while Luhan added, “Happy 8th Year Anniversary hahaha” in his caption. So Tao dropping the single on this very dayLuhan greeting him, and Kris promoting the song made many fans squeal in delight. God, I’m sure I speak for all EXO-Ls and OT12 stans when I say that this is the best gift ever.
Honestly, when the three left the group, I was heartbroken. Yes, I understood their reasons for doing so but it did not ease the pain. It also didn’t help that Kris and Tao, who were once so close, had a seemingly irreparable rift. Yet it seemed like they let bygones be bygones when they shared a hug to welcome the start of 2019! T’was a very pleasant memory. Seeing the three reclaim their friendship and bond that they’ve forged during their trainee days, what a way to end the year! 
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