Sword Dynasty Star Li Yitong Responds to a Rude Comment About Her Lack of Popularity

sword dynasty li yitong
They say that it’s better to promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate but i guess not everyone gets that. The last quarter of the year seems to be Li Yitong’s moment as three of her dramas – Blossom in Heart with Deng Lun, Royal Nirvana with Luo Jin and Sword Dynasty with Li Xian – have aired. 
A netizen left an insulting remark on Li Yitong’s Weibo page saying that she feels sorry for Li Xian because he is acting alongside an actress who just can’t get popular. I guess at first glance, you’d think that the person is a fan of the actor but Li Xian’s supporters were quick to comment that a person who says such words can’t be a true Li Xian fan. 

sword dynasty li yitong
Li Yitong herself responded to the basher: “No worries, I know my nephew and his fans will never shun his little auntie”, referencing to her role as Li Xian’s “aunt” in Sword Dynasty. She also added, “I’m cold,” which is another reference to her character.  
Clearly, C-ent does not have a shortage when it comes to celebrities which means there’s a lot of competition but truth be told, Li Yitong isn’t doing bad herself. Although hers is not as big as other actresses, she’s got a solid fanbase, has starred in various dramas (some of which haven’t seen the light of day yet) and has been paired with well-known actors so I think that mean comment was really uncalled for. With her acting skills, that person might even eat her words when Li Yitong finally gets her well-deserved recognition.
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