Sun Yizhou’s Failed Attempts to Blow Out Candles is Making a Buzz

sun yizhou
Seeing the goofy side of celebs is always a welcome treat and recently, Sun Yizhou gave a glimpse of himself in a silly situation. A video clip of the actor is making rounds on the internet where he can be seen trying to blow out six candles on a cake. The funny thing is, whenever one dies, another candle comes alive.

sun yizhou candles
With Sun Yizhou huffing and puffing like a blowfish, you wouldn’t believe that he portrayed the vile Zhou Haichao in Sparrow 2: Awakening of Insects. In fact, when I watch the clip – and trust me, I watched it more than once! – his innocent expressions looked like a little kid. The actor jokingly asked if the cake can still be eaten since his spit is all over it already. 
sun yizhou candles
Correct me if I’m wrong but I think those are magic relighting candles – as the actor curiously asked as well? If it is, then I can relate to Sun Yizhou because I’ve became a victim of those during my last birthday (which coincidentally, I happen to share with Sun Yizhou!). It was annoying and amusing at the same time. But in the end, we still got to eat the cake so I hope Sun Yizhou was able to eat his! Sun Yizhou later posted on weibo, “My mouth is not a lighter.”
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