Still Not Enough (2020)

still not enough romance drama
The idea that everyone deserves a second chance has been drummed on us since well, forever. But when it comes to relationships and love, particularly from one that jilted you years before, does the same still apply?

still not enough romance drama wang xiaochen
Will the third time be the charm for old flames Jiang Xiaoxi and Chen Jiong in Still Not Enough 还没爱够? Xiaoxi gets the boot twice now from Chen Jiong – once when he left her hanging at the altar five years ago, and twice when the company she works for pulls him in to downsize her. Fresh out of work, Xiaoxi takes advantage of a trip to Thailand to refresh her mind and regroup. But fate it seems, isn’t quite done with their story yet and throws the two together at every opportunity, beginning with that trip to Thailand. 
Xiaoxi eventually learns the real reason why Chen Jiong jilted her years ago and it’s not what you think. Can these two get over the past hurts and fears and move forward together?
still not enough romance drama han geng
The 46 episode series stars Han Geng as Chen Jiong, a corporate downsizer (kinda like George Clooney’s character in Up in the Air) who leaves our heroine Jiang Xiaoxi hanging at the altar. 
Han Geng has got a couple projects that have yet to air like the sci-fi drama Hard Memory:Prisoner Under Fire and films like Dynasty Warriors and Silence of Smoke. I guess with the multitude of shows churned out by the C-entertainment industry, some things just had to give. With any luck, this drama at least will be airing soon. Actress Wang Xiaochen(The Legendary Tavern) also stars in the series, playing Han Geng’s romantic partner as the cautious Jiang Xiaoxi. Chinese Swedish actor Zhao Lixin, who some of you might recall seeing in the stills released by the drama last year will no longer be playing a part. Ye Zuxin, Zhang Xiaochen, Marie Ma Rui and Chen Miqi are also part of the cast  appearing in the drama.
PS. In case you’re also wondering why the title indicated on the photos is different from the one reflected on the stills released last year, the drama has indeed been renamed to Still Not Enough 还没爱够 from “Love Me, Do You Dare 爱我你敢吗?” due to market demand. 
Release Date: January 5, 2020 Zhejiang TV, Jiangsu TV (two episodes daily at 7:30pm) 
still not enough romance drama ye zuxin
still not enough romance drama zhang xiaochen
still not enough romance drama ma chunrui
still not enough romance drama
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