Spinoff Series Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures premieres Dec 31 on Netflix!

Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures
It seems like the popular Chinese historical drama Story of Yanxi Palace is gearing for a global audience once more with its spinoff, Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures 金枝玉叶, coming to Netflix on December 31, 2019! 

Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures
Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures
Actress Wang Herun who played a supporting role in Yanxi Palace reinstates her role as Princess Zhaohua in a story that ultimately focuses on her life as the daughter of Wei Yingluo (Wu Jinyan) and Emperor Qianlong (Nie Yuan). Revolving around the political intricacies of selecting the princess’s husband, Zhaohua will meet Er Qin’s son Fu Kangan (played by actor Wang Yizhe).
Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures
Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures
Story of Yanxi Palace had a typical plot – the rivalry between concubines and palace maids, an attempt to usurp the throne and women vying to become the favorite of the Emperor have been done countless times. But probably one of the biggest things that captivated viewers was Wu Jinyan’s portrayal of the heroine that had such strong and (as typical as it sounds) empowered personality. Something that we don’t often see done quite right.
Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures
Wei Yingluo’s cunning mind and wits were perfect for a very strong nemesis such as THE legendary Charmaine Sheh whom I might add did such a stellar job. Not to mention the very fun and unconventional cat and dog relationship the heroine had with the Emperor and their road to romance, it was enough to bring in a loooot of squeals from the masses. 
I’m crossing my fingers the spinoff will prove itself worthy because it’s surely hard to top off “The Most Googled TV Series of 2018″. 
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