Shen Teng Tags Wei Daxun in a Comment About Yang Mi’s Photo

yang mi photo
You can’t be a follower of C-ent without having heard the rumors surrounding Yang Mi and Wei Daxun this year. From their alleged shopping spree to the most recent claims that they were spotted in the same hotel in Shanghai, talks of them being romantically involved is louder than ever even without them making any kind of acknowledgement. 

shen teng
Most recently, actor-comedian Shen Teng may have fanned the flames even more. Yang Mi had uploaded a photo of herself on Weibo when Shen Teng tagged Wei Daxun in the comments section.  
yang mi photo
The now-deleted comment said “@WeiDaxun why haven’t you commented yet”. Of course, it’s apparent that the actor was only teasing Yang Mi and Wei Daxun but I guess there are those who used this chance to use the saying “There’s a grain of truth in every joke.” 
yang mi wei daxun
Personally, I find it funny that their friends can joke about this. It shows that the gossip isn’t affecting whatever relationship they have, whether it’s purely platonic or romantic. 
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