Romance Drama Starring Li Xiaolu and Jiang Jinfu Mocked by Netizens

Y’all know those dramas that finished filming years ago but still have not aired? While most would welcome any updates, netizens weren’t so keen about one show that recently drew attention for the wrong reasons. 

Upon seeing the drama Love Me & Convince Me 你这么爱我, 我可要当真 listed on Chinese site Douban for 2020, people immediately got to talking because of the show’s very controversial leadsLove Me & Convince Me actually finished filming in 2016. Based on a novel by Wu Xiaobai, it is a romantic comedy about a young man who discovers a love simulation game and meets an older woman. As it was helmed by Korean director Pyo Min Soo, it appears that the show hasn’t aired due to the hallyu ban. 
Considering how things turned out in the year 2019 with Li Xiaolu divorced post her cheating scandal and Jiang Jinfu accused of domestic violence for the second time, there’s no question that things have gotten worse for the production. Because of the leads, some say that this will be a sure flop because no one would want to see a drama featuring two of the most hated faces in C-ent. And will it even get to air? Others have mockingly changed the title to, “You Love Cheating So Much, I’ll Beat You”. Wow, this one really shows how witty people can be. Of course, there’s a percentage of viewers looking forward to the drama because the buzz about it has made them curious. 
Huh. I’m not really surprised to see the comments because personally, I wouldn’t watch it, but I don’t blame those who want to watch because of their curiosity. You know what they say, bad publicity is still publicity.
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