Please Love Me (2019)

The new year is almost approaching us and it looks like we will have a never-ending list of dramas to watch! Zhang Yujian (Le Coup de Foudre) and Xu Xiaonuo (About is Love) started filming for modern romance drama Please Love Me 拜托拜托请你爱我 back in July. It was only just recently that they have released new stills and we now have a premiere date! 
Joining the leads are young actors whom you might have already seen in their other dramas: Gao Hanyu (King’s Avatar), Veronica Lu Zi (Ice Fantasy), Lu Yanqi (Royal Nirvana), and Wu Chongxuan

The 24-episode drama is about a popular idol played by Zhang Yujian and a nail artist played by Xu Xiaonuo who had no choice but to enter into a marriage contract. Being a top star, the male lead had to protect himself after being caught in a candid camera incident with a manicurist. The female lead thought that signing onto a marriage contract would be favorable as she has always dreamed of buying her own house. Will this fake marriage turn into something real?
I have never seen any of the actors in their past projects but I wouldn’t hesitate to check this drama out. It’s interesting that this drama has a female lead that works as a nail artist, an unconventional profession in dramas and even in films. To add to that, her leading man plays a huge star that she will probably inevitably fall in love with! With that, I just can’t wait how the chemistry of the leads will turn out because the new still is already giving me a bit of an idea that they will make us fall in love.
Hundreds of dramas and movies about being in a marriage contract have already been made but this kind of plot just never gets old. I just can’t wait to see how this drama will add their own twist to it especially that it will just be done in a reasonable number of episodes. 
Release Date: December 23, 2019 Mango TV (two episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 8pm), 4 episodes released in advance for members
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