Peng Xiaoran Chases After Elvis Han in My Talent Neighbour

elvis han peng xiaoran My Talent Neighbour
Modern drama My Talent Neighbour 走起我的天才街坊 is feeling generous today because aside from having a presscon to officially introduce the cast, it also released its first trailer!

 my talent neighbour presscon
Known for his roles in Monster Killer and Siege in FogElvis Han will once again show off his charms, this time as a genius engineer. I love that they did not make him the cliche intelligent guy: aloof and cold-hearted. He does seem serious, yes, but I can see that he’s not devoid of any emotion, in fact, there are cute scenes of him being goofy.
elvis han peng xiaoran My Talent Neighbour
Peng Xiaoran whom you must have seen or heard from her breakout role in Goodbye My Princess plays a headhunter who is very determined, so determined that she even chases Elvis Han’s character while in a cab! Whoa, This girl takes working hard to a whole new level. Elvis Han stuffing a big chunk of bread on his mouth has to be my favorite scene because he looks so adorable! 
Elvis Han
From the get go, you can already sense that it’s the typical love story that begins with the leads having a cat-dog relationship. But of course, what’s a good romance without an adversary, right? And I guess that’s where Maggie Chen Xinyu fits in as the ex girlfriend who’s trying to win her boyfriend back. 
Maggie Chen Xinyu My Talent Neighbour
It’s also nice that Peng Xiaoran has a new drama again because the actress admitted that after Goodbye My Princess, she hasn’t filmed anything in almost 2 years and was thinking of going back to her previous job as a host at one point. Lucky for fans, the actress is set on acting as a profession and has this new project in the works. 
elvis han peng xiaoran My Talent Neighbour
elvis han peng xiaoran My Talent Neighbour
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