Olivia Wang Apologises for Propping Her Foot Up on the Table

olivia wang ziwen
“I feel very remorseful about my recent misconduct and I sincerely apologise to everyone. As a public figure, I need hold myself to higher standards of self discipline and make corrections to my behaviour. I am sorry for causing trouble to everyone.” This was the statement released by Second Time is a Charm actress Olivia Wang Ziwen after being heavily critised by netizens for putting her foot on the table ledge on board a high speed train. A now deleted post on the actress’ Instagram page shows her foot propped up on the table beside her purse. While sharing “shoefies” have become quite popular on the photo sharing app, it’s no excuse for her inconsiderate behaviour – as one netizen aptly pointed out, some people eat and nap on those tables. 

olivia wang shoe
Granted, she probably wouldn’t have been the first person either to put her foot up on the train tables, but as a celebrity, people tend to pay more attention. The important take away here is that she realised she did something wrong, she apologised and vowed to be more conscious of her behaviour. Everyone makes mistakes but what we do to right those mistakes is the important thing that matters.
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