Novoland: Eagle Flag Writer Jiang Nan Opens Up about Depression

novoland eagle flag author jiang nan
Thanks to the rising awareness around mental health disorders, we are finally shining a light on the importance of educating people about what mental illness means and why breaking down the stigma is necessary for those suffering from the illness to get the help that they need. Admittedly we’ve still a long way to go, but now that these conversations are finally being made, it’s good that more and more people who are suffering from the illness are lending their voices to bring attention to this cause. 

Recently, Jiang Nan, the author of works such as Novoland:Eagle Flag, Shanghai Fortressand Dragon Raja, opened up about his mental health issues. He revealed that he has been suffering from depression for a long time now and has been having trouble sleeping – a situation he said he first started experiencing when he began writing novels. Looking back, Jiang Nan reckons that it was partly because he had a hard time adapting to a new rhythm as well as the fact that it was such a big change in his work and life. During those dark times, the author said that exercise was one of the things that really helped him recover as well as having a fixed schedule to do things has been particularly effective. 
“Please do not worry. I am not suffering from any other health issues. I’m good. Things are looking up as my situation improves and I can finally get on with finishing Dragon Raja V.”
The pressure riding on the shoulders of contemporary society is high, and there are not a few people suffering from depression. The fact is, we’re all susceptible. Having these conversations sooner than later can certainly help those with illnesses know they are not alone, so that they can get the help that they need without fear of judgement or shame.
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