Netizens Can’t Get Over Zhu Dan’s Hosting Mishaps During Cosmo Glam Night

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It has been days since Cosmo Glam Night, but it looks like Zhu Dan’s hosting mishaps may haunt her forever with compilations of her mistakes continuing to make rounds online and garnering ridicule from netizens. 

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Zhu Dan who hosted the star-studded Cosmo Glam Night on December 3 had to end the night with a public apology on social media to Gulinazha, Dilireba, Jelly Lin Yun and Im Yoona for getting their names mixed up. 
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Zhu Dan was in front of the stage to cue Lin Yun when she called her Yun Er, Im Yoona‘s Chinese name. I guess it’s because of the one character difference from their names that the host got confused.
cosmo glam night
If you think that’s all the ice breaker they had that night then you are oh-so wrong. She cues in Gulinazha when it was the actress’ turn to make her speech but calls her Dilireba. 
cosmo glam night gulinazha dilireba
Nazha was taken aback but smiled though she did make it clear to the host that her name is Nazha, which prompted an apology from Zhu Dan. Ni Ni’s face standing beside Gulinazha really made me laugh out loud because she clearly couldn’t contain her giggles! 
cosmo glam night
And when it was finally Dilireba’s turn to speak up, Zhu Dan called her Nazha. Dilireba paused for a while but by then, it seems that she just decided to proceed with her speech without bothering to correct the host. 
cosmo glam night
It didn’t end there. The veteran host’s other mistakes drew attention when she introduced the fabulous model Zhang Lina by almost reading her surname as Zhou from the cue cards before stopping herself.
cosmo glam night
After what transpired, the host got flak but accepted her errors and issued an apology. She said that her actions were unacceptable for a professional host and hopes that she did not ruin their evening. In the end, I’m sure this will just be an anecdote that Zhu Dan can tell to her family.
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