Ming Dynasty (2019)

ming dynasty chinese historical
Of revenge, tragedy, and romance, such elements can be considered as a formula for historical Chinese dramas. Ming Dynasty 大明风华 is no different from other dramas of the same genre. It was mainly because of Tang Wei that this drama made headlines and worth checking out this 62-episode drama for. This will be her first drama in many years that has been making everyone excited. 

Also in the cast are Zhu Yawen, Deng Jiajia, Qiao Zhenyu, Wang Xueqi, Lay Zhang Yixing, Yu HaomingWu Yue, Liang Guanhua, Luan Yuanhui, Li Xinliang and Su Ke
ming dynasty chinese historical tang wei
Tang Wei will be playing as Sun Ruowei, a lone survivor of her family that was killed entirely by the orders of the Yongle Emperor. Through a twist of fate, she ends up becoming the concubine of the Crown Prince. Even so, it did not stop her curiosity to continue investigating the happenings behind her whole family’s death.
ming dynasty chinese historical zhu yawen
Zhu Yawen (Across the Ocean to See You) plays Crown Prince Zhu Zhanji, the love interest of our female lead. It’s supposed to be easy for Ruowei to get revenge for the tragedy that her family has met, but things would become harder as her husband is the son of her family’s murderer. He is known to be loving and caring to Sun Ruowei, which would make her question whether to continue her plans of avenging her family’s death or not.
ming dynasty chinese historical wang xueqi
The Yongle Emperor, the source of our female lead’s struggles, is played by Wang Xueqi (Entrepreneurial Age). 
ming dynasty chinese historical zhang yixing lay
Zhang Yixing (The Mystic Nine) as Zhu Qizhen plays an important role in the future of the empire. He is the Crown Prince’s son, who will be next in succession to the throne. Once he becomes the emperor, Sun Ruowei will be known as the Empress Dowager.
ming dynasty chinese historical
Just like many other Chinese historical dramas, all stories of the characters may be connected one way or another. With a star-studded cast headlining the drama and having complex relationships with each other, the relationship web becomes even more complicated with a stellar supporting cast. 
I must admit that I have yet to watch many other historical C-dramas, but plots that contain revenge and tragedy always seem to appeal to me. They are the type that keeps you on your feet and makes you play the next episode mindlessly. It’s also a good selling point for historical drama newbies like me that Tang Wei’s Sun Ruowei is actually based on a real person in history. If that’s the case, we might just be checking our world history books again after collecting some dust over the years.
Release Date: December 17, 2019 Hunan TV (two episodes daily at 8pm), Youku (released online at 10pm)
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ming dynasty chinese historical tang wei
ming dynasty chinese historical zhu yawen
ming dynasty chinese historical deng jiajia
ming dynasty chinese historical qiao zhenyu
ming dynasty chinese historical wang xueqi
ming dynasty chinese historical zhang yixing lay
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ming dynasty chinese historical
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