Married in New Zealand, Han Geng and Celina Jade Welcome 2020 as Husband and Wife

han geng celina jade
What better way to welcome the new year than to tie the knot with the person you love the most, right? A fresh year equals a fresh start for the newly-married Han Geng and Celina Jade who officially became husband and wife today, December 31, less than two years since they’ve gone public with their relationship status.

The two have been hounded with wedding rumors since June of this year where it was said that they’ve already registered their marriage but no official announcement was made. Earlier this month, Kim Kibum made buzz online for congratulating Han Geng on getting married and expressing how happy he is for the couple. The two were known to be close friends when they were still part of the Korean boygroup, Super Junior
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It wasn’t until a few days ago when sources confirmed the date and venue of the wedding in New Zealand. Adding to the pre-wedding buzz were their engagement photos that flooded the internet, one of which showed the two sharing a romantic kiss while standing on the Great Wall of China.
Wedding festivities started on December 30 as the couple held a welcome party attended by their family and close friends. On Dec. 31, the two announced their wedding through Weibo with the same caption, “Hello, my love” while tagging each other and sharing a photo of the couple in beautiful, tangerine Chinese traditional wedding garb.
Awww. A short video montage of the traditional wedding also shows a glimpse of the tea ceremony. After Celina Jade offered tea to Han Geng’s parents, the solemn ceremony suddenly broke into laughter when Han Geng humorously imitated his father-in-law, American actor Roy Horan, as he offered the tea to him.
It’s still unclear how the romance started with two theories floating around. One is that it all began during an award show in 2016 attended by the two of them where Han Geng helped Celina Jade like a knight in shining armor. The actress thanked him afterwards saying, “@Han Geng thanks for helping me down the stairs, didn’t have the chance to say bye bye very glad to meet you! Good show! Look forward to your song!” Another speculation is that they met through their good friend Wu Jing who set them up as both worked with the actor in the movies A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three and Wolf Warrior 2.  
Regardless of how they started, I’m sure fans are just happy that they’ve found each other. Cheers to the newly weds and we hope their married life will be blissful! 
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