Liu Tao Helps Her Staff Get an Autograph from Xiao Zhan

liu tao xiao zhan
You know you’ve found the perfect boss to work for when they support you in everything, even your fangirling moments! 

We’re used to seeing Liu Tao as the lady boss in front of the cameras through the reality show The Inn 亲爱的·客栈. Behind the scenes, a staff of hers shared just how lucky she was to be working under the actress. The said staff is a huge fan of Xiao Zhan which is not really surprising given how he shot up in popularity after The Untamed. The staff revealed that her beautiful boss helped her get an autograph from none other than Xiao Zhan! 
It turns out that Liu Tao and the actor’s paths crossed as they are together for a show (我们从古田再出发) airing on CCTV3 tonight at 7:30pm. 
xiao zhan autograph
The staff could not contain her happiness and shared the autographed picture of the actor online and thanked her boss. She also said she loves her job, but who wouldn’t with those perks. Because of this, netizens are praising Liu Tao for being like a fairy godmother. Many even joked that they’ll be willing to work for her for free in exchange for an autograph, too. Hmm, that would be a fair trade, wouldn’t it?
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