Kim Heechul Spotted Having Hotpot with His Idol Zhu Xudan

heechul zhu xudan
Okay. Let’s not jump to conclusions because they’re probably just hanging out as friends. Also, everyone who knows Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul, would know that he’s that one idol who is friends with everybody. And by everybody, I mean EVERYBODY. 
So it comes as no surprise for him to be seen unabashed with another female celebrity. (BUT BUT, don’t they look cute together???) 

The SuJu member got to meet his idol Bambi Zhu Xudan in the flesh when he went to China to attend Cosmo Glam Night where he received an award for ‘Person of the Year’. And what better way to meet your idol than to pose together for a photoshoot in style. It seems their interactions didn’t end there as Heechul came home with a big smile and a full stomach after having hotpot with the actress in Shanghai.
Heechul has been vocal about his admiration for the actress after seeing her play Zhou Zhiruo in the 2019 version of Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber, and it looks like the fanboying has paid off.  
The Cosmo event also served as a mini-reunion for SM Entertainment babies from the past and present as both Heechul and former Super Junior member Han Geng shared a hug after seeing each other
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