Kate Tsui Closes the Chapter on Her Entertainment Career

kate tsui leaves showbiz
It was a bittersweet ending today when Hong Kong actress Kate Tsui bid goodbye to her fifteen year career in the acting industry. Kate first popped up in the entertainment scene after Hong Kong’s TVB snapped her up following her big win in the 2004 Miss Hong Kong pageant. Since then, she’s appeared in various works in film as well as TV dramas like Lives of Omission, Moonlight Resonance and Highs and Lows among an impressive list of others.  

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The actress has gradually drawn back from the public scene after her contract with TVB ended in 2015, only making small forays into acting when it suits her. Instead, the actress chose to indulge her passions and launched her very own jewelry line as well as completing her Masters in Psychology at the University of Hong Kong. In May 2019, work took Kate back to Hengdian after almost a decade as she filmed the Chinese movie Mammon 财神 with actor Wen Song, yet it looks like the movie has now become her last project as an actress.  
According to Kate, over the course of her career, she felt like she’d lost her sense of self  as though she’s wearing a mask at work and working hard to always maintain an image. In the past, she would spend two hours everyday for hair and makeup and be hung up on looking pretty. If she suddenly had a pimple, she’d feel like it was her fault. But now that she’s turned 40 and finally closing that chapter in her life, she wants to “gift herself some courage, move to Europe to pursue further studies and live life while staying true to herself. She’s quite determined to retire for good. In fact, Kate shared that if she gets a good deal, she might sell her house and ship off all her belongings abroad. 
It truly takes a lot of courage to hop on a different path in life and we can only wish her all the best. Quite apt as the year is almost drawing to a close and another new decade will be upon us in almost a week’s time. Kate adds that should she return to showbiz, it will only be behind the scenes and not in front of the camera. 
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