Joy of Life Stars Zhang Ruoyun and Li Qin Are the Chicken Leg Couple

li qin zhang ruoyun chicken leg
Remember the song “it’s raining men”? Well, Fan Xian – actor Zhang Ruoyun’s character in his new drama Joy of Life, may have not yet found his “Miss Chicken Leg”, but it certainly did rain chicken legs for the actor! 
Ever since his drama with leading lady Li Qin aired, the unassuming limb of poultry (I’m trying to avoid saying chicken leg multiple times here) has fast become a running inside joke amongst cast and fans. I mean, would you look at that bouquet presented to him by a fan at the airport! He certainly won’t go hungry for a week! 

zhang ruoyun duck leg
Turns out this was a bouquet of duck legs instead (maybe the store ran out?)
If you’ve yet to watch the drama, please do as you’ll definitely be laughing out loud. You see, every time he meets Lin Wan’er (Li Qin’s character), she’s always holding one, and since he didn’t get around to asking her name, well, she was christened miss chicken leg. Kinda like Cinderella except it’s not a glass slipper. It’s super hilarious how he carried the chicken leg all the way home and reverently put it inside a box like you’d do to your favourite treasure as a child.  
zhang ruoyun li qin chicken leg
Anyway, Zhang Ruoyun also cheekily posted a photo of him and Li Qin which he captioned “the hearts of men are made of flesh, fairies are dressed in white, the old saying didn’t deceive me”. In the picture, both were dressed in white period garb, with each holding up a piece of chicken leg making the outline of a heart. 
Li Qin teasingly bantered back with the comment “the old saying is right” and posted a wedding photo of Zhang Ruoyun and new wife Tang Yixin in a white wedding gown. This had Netizens laughingly commenting that Li Qin’s desire to survive is strong! Indeed there’s only ONE white gowned fairy who’s holding a metaphorical chicken leg and that’s wife Tang Yixin. Well played, Li Qin. 
Nevertheless, Zhang Ruoyun had the last word when he generously responded “well, I’ll throw in some chicken legs!” Goodness with all that talk of chickens maybe KFC should be sponsoring them after all!
zhang ruoyun tang yixin wedding
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