Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying Are Expecting Their Second Child

It looks like the year isn’t just ending without surprising us! Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying will be having a wonderful addition to their family next year.

During Jordan’s concert in Taipei yesterday, he announced that his wife is pregnant with their second child. She is just on her third month so whether it would be a boy or a girl cannot be revealed yet. He also thanked his wife after making this announcement.

If you have been following news on this couple, you would know that pregnancy rumors have been arising since last year. I can’t blame the people who have been spreading those rumors because they must have been doing that in order to create more good news especially that their family is very much well-loved by the fans.
A huge factor why they became so well-loved and popular was all thanks to the South Korean-adapted Chinese reality show, Where Are We Going Dad?, in which Jordan and his son Jasper who was only four years old then when they starred in the fifth season.
I have always loved watching this reality show and it was just clear why everyone would want to see more of Jordan and Jasper’s father-son dynamic. Jordan is a cool and caring dad while Jasper is one smart boy who enjoyed making friends with the other sons and daughters of the other celebrity dads. 
With that, I just cannot wait for this family of superheroes to become four. Who knows, they might just go for another season of Where Are We Going Dad? featuring Jasper who will be called as ge ge now by his future little brother/sister.


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