Jacqueline Wong Returns to Hong Kong Eight Months After Cheating Scandal

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It’s been a very rough year for actress Jacqueline Wong who was caught up in a huge cheating scandal in April this year with Andy Hui who is famously married to Sammi Cheng. Yup, all while she was in a three-year relationship with her Deep in the Realm of Conscience co-star Kenneth Ma!

This news, of course, took a very heavy toll on the actress whose work activities had been halted with her shows either canceled or completely reshot with another actress. Hong Kong broadcasting network TVB even blacklisted her shows for a while before recently releasing one of her series, Finding Her Voice, as their anniversary series. Nonetheless, the show saw good ratings and feedbacks thanks to the excellent performances of the cast.
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It has been eight months since the actress left for the US to stay away from the judgment and scrutiny bestowed upon her by the media and the enraged public. But early morning on December 14th, Jacqueline Wong finally set foot back in Hong Kong with the media already anticipating her return and bombarding her with questions at the airport. 
She cried as she faced them and answered, “Hi everyone, long time no see, I’m very happy because I’m finally home, I want to take the opportunity to thank some people, my friends, my colleagues and my family, it has been difficult for them. The people who sent me messages gave me a lot of strength to stand here today. 
For the past 8 months or so, I have tried hard to live my life even though I heard many speculations, I still try my best to live. I made a mistake and I’m trying really hard to live with it, to learn from it and at the same time, I feel like I need to move on, to look ahead and to move forward, whether it’s things I hope to say or want to say privately and publicly, I’ve said it already and won’t make anymore statements. This time I’m back to be with my family because we haven’t seen each other for a long time. Hope everyone can give us some space. Thank you for all your concerns.” 
Whether the actress is only here to see her family whom she hadn’t seen in a while or this is her trying to test the waters to see if she still has a chance at making a comeback, we’ll find out in the coming months. She said that she did not change careers. She also did not answer further questions pertaining to the scandal
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