Guo Qilin Says That His Father Guo Degang Doesn’t Know That He’s in Joy of Life

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With Joy of Life 庆余年 charming its way to viewers’ hearts, it’s easy to fall for everyone in the cast that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Among the supporting cast, crosstalk comedian Guo Qilin plays the main protagonist Zhang Ruoyun’s younger brother. Not long ago, many were surprised to know that the 23-year-old actor is the son of famous crosstalk comedian and actor Guo Degang. Apparently, Guo Qilin also had some beans to spill about his dad.

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During an interview, Guo Qilin was asked whether he was aware that people are very fond of his character Fan Sizhe who is undoubtedly a humorous addition to the show. He joked that the reason people like the character must be because he himself is likeable though on a more serious note, Guo Qilin admits that it’s because the writers wrote his character well, the director directed well and all he did was to play his part and act. He also shared that he would occasionally employ his own lines and ideas with the director’s approval. 
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With the compliments that he’s been receiving, Guo Qilin was asked if he has also won his father’s praise, but the actor reveals that Guo Degang doesn’t even know that he’s in Joy of Life because he doesn’t watch dramas, nor does he know what his son is doing. With the success of the show, I’m sure his father would hear of him soon. 
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