Guan Xiaotong Likes Boyfriend Luhan Beyond His Looks

It looks like the relationship between Luhan and Guan Xiaotong is becoming stronger over time. The two have been dating since 2017 thanks to their drama Sweet Combat that easily converted their status from onscreen to off-screen couple. Given the status of Luhan being a former K-Pop idol and Xiaotong as a critically-acclaimed actress, many people thought that their relationship wouldn’t last long.

They have continued to prove their haters wrong again when a recent video of Xiaotong giving a stink eye to the director of Ace vs. Ace circulated online. There was a girl who asked Xiaotong who her ideal guy was. She told her that he was right there (referring to Luhan). The director chimed in with a Chinese idiom implying that she only likes Luhan for his looks. If looks could kill, Xiaotong would have easily killed that director in which she jokingly told him that she’s not sure if she still wants to join the next season of Ace vs. Ace.
It’s great to see that this lovely couple does not care about what people think despite their fame. Aside from Xiaotong’s humorous reply to the director, my ears are all open to listen to her talk more about the things that she likes most about Luhan. Hope they continue to be this sweet and happy with each other!
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