Godfrey Gao’s Mom Asks for Everyone to Stop Sharing Details of His Last Moments

godfrey gao mom
It has been weeks since Godfrey Gao’s sudden passing on November 27, 2019, yet details continue to be revealed as recently as a few days ago with videos of the moments leading up to his death on the set of the Chinese reality show Chase Me being passed around online. It is heartbreaking to watch, more so for his grieving family. His mother has released a statement through Godfrey Gao’s agency to ask everyone to stop sharing text and photos from that day. 

godfrey gao statement
Full translation as follows: During this time, his family has deeply felt everyone’s concern and love, everyone can bid their final goodbye to Godfrey on the 15th. We sincerely hope that during this time, everyone can give their warm blessings; please stop sharing the saddening text and photos of Godfrey from that day, please give his family some space to sort out their emotions! Thank you everyone for your wishes and concern. – JetStar Dec 12, 2019
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