Godfrey Gao’s Family And Friends Celebrate Christmas Together

godfrey gao
The most wonderful time of the year is already approaching, where family and friends get together for this joyous season. Things have not been easy for Godfrey Gao‘s family and friends who have to spend their Christmas without him for the very first time. 
Even if Godfrey is not here anymore, his family and friends just recently celebrated Christmas together because they know that he is up there in spirit, watching and smiling. The photo above has everyone pointing towards a Christmas wreath shaped into letter G, the nickname that Godfrey’s close friends fondly call him. 

Godfrey has a lot of talented friends and some of them include famous Taiwanese singers, Wilber Pan, Leehom Wang, and Christine Fan who sang The Beatles’ hit song “Hey Jude” together during the party. All photos and videos were posted by Christine Fan on Instagram, who is the wife of Blackie Chen, TV host and close friend of Godfrey. 
In her post, she wrote “We chatted with Godfrey’s father and sang songs, and it was a very special night. God says, ‘A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones’ I think Godfrey wishes that all of us, including his beloved family and friends, will spend every day happily. Only this way can he leave in peace, to the happiest place with no worries. We miss you, we really do, and I hope we continue being family in heaven soon, and be brother and sister to each other.”
godfrey gao father
More than the three singers getting together to sing for Godfrey, what made the moment even touching and special was the presence of Godfrey’s father, Tsao Tao-cheng. He was there to celebrate the wonderful 35 years that his son he had lived.
The sudden demise of Godfrey has affected me so much as his long-time fan. It made me happy to see that his father remains to be strong and optimistic despite the unfortunate tragedy that just happened. He chose to focus on the positive side of things instead of dwelling on the pain that remains to be there. 
godfrey gao
What his friends and family did to celebrate Christmas with his spirit was truly heartfelt. Just like what they always say, I’m sure G is already happy up there seeing his friends and family gather for him in the spirit of Christmas. They will all bid their last farewell to him this coming Sunday (Dec 15) in New Taipei City, Taiwan.
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