Friends and Celebrities Demand Justice for Godfrey Gao’s Death

It’s very poignant seeing the title of Godfrey Gao’s old drama Remembering Lichuan 遇见王沥川, now that he’s passed. In the days following his passing, the drama’s unofficial Weibo page started to actively post updates and tributes to the actor. Now that everyone’s had the chance to let the sad news sink in, friends and fans have started to also turn their attention to seeking the justice he deserves now that he’s no longer able to do so. 
Sure, Zhejiang TV has already issued a statement chronicling the events that happened on that fateful evening – just a mere eight days of keeping mum about the entire thing.  But fans still maintain that something smells fishy and are now clamouring for the network to release the detailed video of the night in a bid for transparency.
We insist only on one thing, not because it will get results this way, but because we firmly believe that doing so is right. We have a responsibility to let honesty be rewarded and to keep good folks from suffering. If good people are not rewarded, then we cannot really blame them. If good and honest folks can no longer speak, our world will go dark” posts good friend Gabriel Lan on his IG stories. Other accounts like Remembering Lichuan’s unofficial page have also posted similar sentiments on social media in a move to seek the truth under the hashtag “speaking up for Godfrey together”.
Andrew Lien too, who also appeared in Remembering Lichuan together with Godfrey posts a series of emojis to echo Netizen’s sentiments of boycotting Zhejiang TV – “1?10, 10?100, 100?1000, 1000?10000 ??, ????, ❌??. I’ve failed math exams since I was little, even the subject I couldn’t understand. Whenever I see numbers I get a headache. Are there any good hearted people who can explain this to me?” I think he’s trying to be ironic here but Netizens commenting on the post are pretty much saying that everyone spread the word across the country to boycott the “killer” network.
Godfrey has been gone for almost two weeks now, but wrapping our heads around the fact that he’s gone hasn’t gotten any easier. I’m sure his friends and fans also feel the same way as tributes continue to pour in for the actor. More than that, since Godfrey is no longer able to demand justice for himself, I hope that the cry for justice on his behalf will finally bear fruit so he can finally rest in peace. #RememberingGodfrey indeed.
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