Drama Producer And Luo Jin Address Rumors About Tang Yan Being A Diva And Giving Birth

tang yan legend of xiao chuo
It seems like the rumor mill in the entertainment industry never sleeps especially for top Chinese actress Tiffany Tang Yan who will become a mom anytime soon. She was busy filming costume drama The Legend of Xiao Chuo from April to September in which rumors of her being a diva have started circulating.

Rumor has it that she brought 50 staff along with her on the set to make sure that she is being treated well, as her pregnancy just started when she was filming. All of these 50 staff stayed with her in a five-star hotel for her convenience while the rest of the production crew just stayed in a one-star hotel. It was even said that one of the staff was assigned to monitor the air quality to avoid being exposed to pollution. For her safety during pregnancy, many of her horseback riding scenes were said to be shot with just the use of props.
tang yan
The drama producer Ji Feng dismissed all the rumors and had explanations for each one. He said that Tang Yan only brought 2 staff on the set. While there was indeed an air quality monitor, it was not specifically used for the actress, but for the whole crew instead. The use of props when doing horseback riding scenes was said to be normal as well. 
luo jin
Meanwhile, Tang Yan’s husband Luo Jin who did a livestream session with fans earlier this week for his drama Royal Nirvana, was quick to deny rumors that Tang Yan has already given birth to twins! He said that someone probably manipulated a photo of baby twins and had him look like he posted about it. 
He promised that he will definitely tell everyone once they have good news. Having watched this lovely onscreen and off-screen couple together for years, we cannot really blame why people would get too excited over such news. If only the rumor mill in the entertainment industry could produce such good news all the time because having heard all these negative reports, I thought that it was unfair for Tang Yan or any pregnant woman to be criticized for looking after their own safety. All we can do now is to wait for good news of their baby and the release date of her drama!
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