Darren Chen Starts Filming for His First Xianxia Drama Yu Zhao Ling Alongside Zhang Yishang

yu zhaoling xianxia darren chen zhang yishang

Darren Chen who rose to fame after taking up the role of Hua Ze Lei in the 2018 drama reboot of Meteor Garden has just started filming for his first xianxia drama, Yu Zhao Ling 玉昭令 alongside actress Zhang Yishang. The young actor seems to be getting the hang of donning traditional robes as he also finished filming for The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty earlier this year, that’s helmed by none other than THE Jackie Chan. If that doesn’t boost your CV for future job applications, I don’t know what will.
yu zhaoling xianxia zhang yishang
Adapted from the novel Kaifeng Zhi Guai 开封志怪 by Wei Yu 尾鱼, Yu Zhao Ling is one of those love stories that I’d instantly click on as our beautiful heroine is an immortal who falls in love with a human while on her quest to vanquishing the demons in the mortal world. But of course their love story doesn’t start off all lovey-dovey as they’ll be fighting like cats and dogs. Untypical. 
yu zhaoling xianxia
Wai-Man Cheng who co-directed the hit series The Untamed signs on as the director, and I can only hope it will also receive the same success as his former show did. 
yu zhaoling xianxia darren chen zhang yishang
Set in the world of Kaifeng in that familiar place where Justice Bao became a symbol that stood for justice, Darren Chen seems to be moulded after Zhan Zhao whom we all know as the handsome guard with incredible fighting skills. 
yu zhaoling xianxia zhang yishang
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