Bai Jingting is Rocking the Bad Boy Look in Who’s the Murderer

What is it with men and their bad boy image that makes my heart flutter every single time?
Bai Jingting is currently the center of attraction because of his new enigmatic look, swapping his crimson hair for a lighter color. The very chic hairstyle combined with his delicate features that was highlighted with makeup and his deadly glare all became part of his get-up for the variety show Who’s the Murderer where the cast is given the chance to choose a role of either a detective or one of the suspects. It’s a game of mystery to figure out who’s the real culprit. 

Gosh, I can’t help but rewind the clips just to see his piercing stare! Does this mean he’s the murderer in that episode or is it just part of his ‘character’? Anyway, the effects are really fitting because he looks like a character that has stepped out of an anime. I’m sure I speak for the female population (okay, a little bit overboard but come on! You have to be blind not to appreciate him!) when I say that I hope to see him owning this look for a loooong time. 
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