Zhang Yixing’s Mother Speaks Up After Her Son Wins a Defamation Case

zhang yixing lay
To hear malicious comments seems to be a part of life now and magnified tenfold when you’re a celebrity. Sometimes it goes too far that you can’t help but take legal action.
After winning a case against an anti back in March, Lay Zhang Yixing has recently won another defamation case. On November 27,  Beijing Xingquan Law Firm released a statement to indicate that Lay had won the defamation case filed against a Weibo user who made slanderous comments towards the singer-actor. The losing party has to issue an apology for 10 days and pay the 100,00 RMB fine which will be donated to charity. 

zhang yixing wins defamation case
But it seems like the said user wasn’t really remorseful of his actions. Zhang Yixing’s mother conveyed her emotions in an online post about it saying, “Parents will certainly wish for their children to become good people, the kind of person who can abide by rules. I’m thankful that my son has been able to do this and even exceeded all of the aspirations a mom has for their child. I am very thankful, but I do not understand why my beloved son is being maliciously cursed and taunted? What did he do wrong? Is it just because he is a celebrity? On this day when he won his defamation suit, the defendant who lost can still laugh on Weibo? Do your parents know what you’re doing?” 
Gosh, I really feel for his mom. Like her, I’m shocked that there are people who will say ill things about others. Lay is one of the kindest celebrities I’ve ever seen. The man has a heart of gold, for crying out loud! Remember when he dropped the charges despite winning the case last March? Oh well, it goes to show that you really can’t please everybody.
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