Zhang Mingen’s Blunt Answer About Love Gets Misunderstood by Xu Lu

zhang mingen xu lu
Talk about an awkward moment! In a recent episode of Meeting Mr. Right 女儿们的恋爱, season regular Zhang Mingen might’ve just put his foot in his mouth when he made the mistake of bluntly answering “No I didn’t (feel that at first)” in response to the question “what was it that your girlfriend did that first made your heart race”. Someone’s definitely in hot water as his response prompted a distressed reaction from his girlfriend Xu Lu. I mean, what girlfriend wouldn’t right?

Before everyone starts hating on Zhang Mingen though, from his attempts to explain his response it could very well be that his answer to the question is just a matter of misunderstanding the question because he later on clarified on social media that he thought the question was asking about love at first sight. On the other hand, not forgetting that this is a show and that things could be scripted just to get a reaction from Xu Lu is also very possible. 

zhang mingen xu lu


In any case, if you think about it, what the actor said about how he doesn’t believe in love at first sight does make sense. Zhang Mingen believes that developing feelings for another person is a gradual process and not an impulsive thing – there’s no such thing as falling in love at first sight. “When you love someone, you are taking responsibility for accepting the other person in their entirety – getting to know everything about about you, your preferences, everything. Because I love you, I want to love not only your strengths but also your shortcomings and accept you for all you are in the future”.  Zhang Mingen clearly has a more rational approach to love. But whatever the case, actions speak louder than words right, and there’s no shortage of that whenever he insists on cooking her a homemade meal or preparing her medicine and even tying her shoelaces for her! What he lacks in words he totally makes up for by the sweet little things he does for Xu Lu!

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