Yang Zi Talks About Being Dubbed as a ‘Flow Star’

yang zi flow star
Ever since appearing in 2014’s Battle of Changsha, actress Yang Zi has seen her star steadily rising with notable hits like the five women helmed drama Ode to Joy and xianxia Ashes of Love under her belt. As one of the “new four dan actresses of the post 90s generation”, Yang Zi has become one of the most bankable rising stars in the industry, often dubbed as a “liu liang流量celebrity.  If this term is new to you, a liu liang celebrity is essentially a high traffic star that generates a huge volume of clicks and views because of their popularity – the more in demand they are, the higher their commercial value. 

When asked in a recent interview about what she thought of people referring to her as a liu liang celebrity or flow star, the Go Go Squid! actress reveals that she doesn’t really get it  – “it’s like when everyone used to say qing yi  (青衣refers to dignified and serious female figures in Chinese opera) and hua dan (花旦 refers to a vivacious female star in Chinese opera) when I was younger. Everyone said I was qing yi and I really didn’t know what that was about. Later on when I acted in a few costume dramas, people then said I was a hua dan. I didn’t particularly understand what was going on!

She said that as an actress, being labelled a flow star is in no way a negative term.  In fact it’s a good thing! “Because that means everyone likes you, that the younger folks like your work. It’s great that they see me as a role model, although that holds a bigger responsibility for me.” Yang Zi further adds that she hopes she’ll be able to lead the younger generation who like her work to aspire to better and more positive things!
Being a flow star is well and good, but at the end of the day, Yang Zi mostly wants to be remembered as an actress.
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