Yang Mi Stars in Medical Drama Thank You Doctor Opposite Bai Yu

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Medical dramas have always been a popular staple on TV thanks largely to the “dramatic” nature of the profession. Where else can you find people dealing with life and death situations on a daily basis than a hospital? Besides, if you’ve kinda had enough of the typical fluffy rom-coms and fantasy dramas currently prevailing on the small screens, medical dramas might just be the thing to get you out of your rut.

The newest medical drama unveiled today is Thank You Doctor 谢谢你医生a series based on the novel ICU 48 Hours ICU48 by author Sheng Li 笙离. Together with the unveiling of the production is the official announcement of the two lead actors slotted to headline the project. As rumours had it, actress Yang Mi will star as Dr. Xiao Yan opposite actor Bai Yu of Guardian fame who stars as Dr. Bai Zhu. Come to think of it, I do think this is the first time Yang Mi plays a medical doctor ?
Anyway, what do you guys think of this pairing? Fan scrutiny of Yang Mi’s co-stars has been pretty intense lately after the superstar’s fans expressed their unhappiness with Jaywalk’s strategy of pairing the actress with the company’s up and comers to capitalise on her popularity to push their new artists. Bai Yu has garnered a big following after both his and co-star Zhu Yilong’s phenomenal performance (and chemistry) in the fantasy drama Guardian. Both actors are now enjoying increased popularity and love from viewers, with Bai Yu ranked 36th on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 this year. 
Updated with photos from the boot ceremony held in Shanghai on Nov 19, 2019. 
thank you doctor boot ceremony
thank you doctor boot ceremony
thank you doctor boot ceremony
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